Bamber Lake

in the Forked River section of Lacey Township

Welcome to the Lacey Township Office of Emergency Management

The goal of the Lacey Township Office of Emergency Management is to plan and prepare for emergencies; educate the public about preparedness; coordinate emergency and preplanned response; and disseminate emergency information.


The Lacey Township Office of Emergency Management approaches emergency preparedness utilizing a four-tiered approach. The four tiers are: Emergency Mitigation Practices, Emergency Response Coordination, Public Education and Awareness, and Emergency Alerts and Notifications. With these components, we believe the residents of Lacey Township are more prepared and educated on how to respond to a disaster.

Emergency Mitigation Practices

Lacey Township OEM oversees planning efforts for natural and man-made hazards. OEM also conducts basic emergency management training, and fosters public-private communications. OEM conducts township-wide preparedness exercises to test plans and response techniques, and to identify areas for improvement.

Emergency Response Coordination

Lacey Township OEM works to ensure information gathering, decision making, and resource allocations are carried out effectively. We monitor incidents affecting Lacey Township 24 hours a day. During major events, an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is opened, which serves as a central point for information coordination, resource requests, and decision making. OEM supervises all EOC operations.

Public Education and Awareness

Lacey Township OEM works with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to promote the ideals of continued preparedness. OEM will provide its FEMA Ready Preparedness package to any organization upon request.

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

During an emergency, the Lacey Township OEM works to provide unified, accurate, and timely messages to the public. These messages come in several forms, including Nixle alerts, reverse 9-1-1 calls and social media blasts. Click here to register for the Nixle and here to register for reverse 9-1-1 services.